Revolutionizing how is done in the Kaspa Community.

Hashrate Goal for 2024

Minimum goal 12 TH/s
Maximum goal 100 TH/s


IceRiverGoldshell and Bitmain miners are used to support the initiative.

Live Statistics

Wallet Balance

0.00 KAS



0.00 H/s

How it works

Kaspa Funding mines the coins and the funding wallet receives them. The coins are then held until a task or an event passes a vote for a funding.

Once the vote is passed, the treasurers sign and send a transfer to the recipient's wallet address.

After that, the funding is completed successfully.


Voting on spending the Kaspa held in the Kaspa Funding Wallet Address is done through the Kaspa discord using the current voting system that has been utilized by community for crowdfunding efforts before.


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About KaspaFunding

Learn more about the project and it's future.


KaspaFunding is a new approach to crowdfunding within the Kaspa community. This initiative shifts how we envision and execute funding models, focusing on community engagement, proof-of-work, and a decentralized ethos.

Project Phases and Roadmap

Initial Phase

During this phase, infrastructure and site was built.

  • Community soft polls
  • Collaboration with ice-river
  • Infrastructure build-out (network, electric, exhaust fans, racks)
  • Miscellaneous initial setups Domain and social media establishment VPS and ASIC miner
  • Equipment procurement

Operational Phase

This phase brought the site online and the start of operations.

  • Launch of teaser video and website with countdown
  • Activation of miners to generate funding
  • Introduction of public wallets for Devfund and Marketing
  • Partnership with kas.fyi for wallet management
  • Regular community polls to decide ASIC hashrate limits and funding allocations

Expansion and Collaboration

This phase involved the onboarding of community members and key stakeholders.

  • Introduction of the Kaspa Grant mining program
  • Collaboration with other crypto projects for mutual growth and development
  • Community-led decision-making for future non-profit and development endeavors

Goals and Vision

  • Promote a decentralized approach to ASIC mining and community funding
  • Eliminate reliance on direct donations, instead leveraging mining for funding
  • Bridge gaps between crypto projects, promoting unity and collaboration
  • Initiate community meetups, events, and charity support
  • Engage in continuous development and upgrade of the Kaspa ecosystem